People are concerned for their safety after travellers pitched up outside the town's supermarket.

A group of seven caravans arrived at the Asda car park in North Shoebury Road in the early hours of this morning, and residents in the surrounding streets have since become fearful that their homes at risk.

Essex Police are reported to have arrived at the site in the car park after the group pitched up.

They are obstructing a large area of the car park, near to other smaller shops beside the supermarket.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said: "The police arrived there and the residents are going bonkers, they fear for their properties.

"They have already started littering and hanging things out in the car park.

"There are a couple of dogs tied up at one of the caravans.

"This is a nice crime free area and we should not have these things happening.

"I'm concerned about the potential crime travellers coming into Shoebury could bring."

One police car attended the report of the travellers' arrival and they said to be still at the supermarket car park.

There has been no reports of criminal activity following their arrival police say they will respond to any behaviour if an incident is reported to them.

An Essex Police spokesman said: "We were called to reports of an unauthorised traveller encampment at Asda in North Shoebury Road, Shoeburyness at around 1am on Wednesday December 20.

"We attended and have been liaising with the landowner.

"No crimes have been reported.

"We have issued a Section 61 notice and the group have been told to move on by 8am tomorrow."

An employee from Asda said: "They pitched up here in the early hours. 

"It was a bit of a surprise when I arrived here this morning to find a large part of the car park blocked off by the seven caravans."

Another shopper who lives in Shoebury added: "It is quite a concern that they are here, especially that many caravans.

"It is not helpful that they are pitching up where people are trying to shop, especially in the last week before Christmas.

"They have taken up a lot of space inside the car park."

The Echo have contacted Asda for comment regarding the travellers' arrival at their store.

More information to come.