As the Echo stated, to continue to impose the Dartford Crossing tolls is a flagrant breach of the promise they would be dropped once the bridge was paid for (May 23).

What makes it grate even more is the arrogance and contempt of ministers.

One of the worst was Rosie Winterton, a previous Secretary of State for Transport, who, when questioned why the tolls hadn’t been dropped replied “The only tolled undertaking in England where a toll HAS been removed in the past five years is the Dartford to Thurrock crossing, where tolls ceased in 2003. It was succeeded by a regulatory charge at the same level”.

Her contempt was breathtaking.

When questioned about the length of delays at peak times, she replied “Obviously, congestion at peak times is an issue, but all the evidence suggests without the tolls it would be even worse”. I’m sorry, total garbage.

Any fool can see as you queue to the tolls, that once through the booths traffic just speeds away.

It is this attitude that really gets to me, and now they rub it in with huge increases!

To remove the tolls altogether would relieve the congestion, and obviate the need for a new crossing in the near future.

Peter Cowell
The Spinnakers