I WOULD like to express my extreme disappointment with Wednesday’s headline “Still no sorry over Sadlers” which is completely untrue and misleading.

At every available opportunity I have given my sincere apologies to residents and businesses who have been negatively affected by this scheme, including when I spoke to the reporter on Tuesday.

I completely understand the frustrations of those who have faced disruption due to this scheme, and I recognise fully there have been problems with the management, which we are dealing with.

I would also like to make it clear that all work on the Olympic Route Network has now been completed, to the satisfaction of the Olympic Delivery Authority, so there is absolutely no question mark over the site being ready for the 2012 Games.

All individual elements of the scheme are now open, including all four lanes on the A13 east and westbound, and the Sadlers Farm roundabout.

Traffic is flowing freely and we have received positive comments about the way it is working.


County Councillor responsible for Highways and Transportation

...I WROTE in February saying I did not think Sadlers Farm would be finished in time for the Olympics.

I’m not pleased this has now come true, but now the workers are leaving for six weeks just in time for the school holidays and starting up in time for their return. Brilliant.

I take it the workers will not get paid for this so what happens if they find another job in the meantime, I’m sure they can’t afford six weeks off.

These Olympics have a lot to answer for.


Pound Lane

Bowers Gifford

...SO the Sadlers Farm project is to be postponed until September.

No surprise there! But before the workmen leave the site, I hope they will do something with the ramps and drops, especially along the A130 on both sides, connecting the roundabout with the A127 .

For more than a month they have left the road surface in a poor condition with no warning signs of these sudden height variants.

Travelling well within the 50mph speed limit I feel as if I’m driving up and down full-size curbs.

I dread to think what damage is being done to vehicles.


Lottem Road