A woman in Leigh lost her home last night due to a fire which destroyed the yacht she lives in on Leigh seafront.

Firefighters attended the blaze to the yacht, measuring 24 feet at 8:52pm last night.

The exterior of the yacht remains in tact however inside has been completely destroyed by the flames.

Essex Fire Service are currently inspecting the boat which is currently moored behind Cockle Row, High Street.

The woman was not in the boat when the fire happened.

A fishmonger, Norman Day from Thameside Shellfish in Cockle Row arrived at the seafront early this morning to find the woman's home had been destroyed.

He said: "Nobody knows the cause yet, the fire service are here.

They think that something could have just gone wrong, she may have been on there something happened, but she has not been back since."

The boat was bought from Clive Brummage, 54 from Leigh who works at the Leigh Marina boatyard further along High Street.

He said the woman, only identified as Flo' had bought the boat from him for £100.

Mr Brummage said: "The boat is from the 60s, she bought it from me a little while back and has been living in there ever since."

Essex Fire Service and Police are believed to be investigating the cause currently and will reopen the area for the public in due course.