THE mother of an injured four-year-old boy says owners of large dogs pose a risk to families by keeping their dogs off the lead.

Aidan Mears was knocked over by a greyhound leaving him with a broken collarbone and concussion. He was with his mum and five-year-old brother Lenny at the time whilst on a walk through Lake Meadows in Billericay when the dog ran over and knocked Aidan to the floor. Young Aidan was left in a sling and is “extremely shook-up” according to his mum.

Dion Mears, from Bramble Tye in Noak Bridge, said she couldn’t believe dogs weren’t kept on a tighter leash and says her son could have been in a much worse shape.

Mrs Mears, 38, said she loves walking her children through the park but since Aidan was hurt she fears he will never be the same around animals again.

“It was quite scary to be honest and Aidan has been in a really bad way since it happened. The dog could have hurt Lenny as well. When such big dogs are let loose in the park occurrences like this are possible and unfortunately for me it was Aidan who got hurt. The dog was not aggressive in it’s attack but that only proves how unpredictable animals can be - it could just as easily have been a pensioner.”

Hugh Reynolds, manager of parks and ground maintenance, said: "There are no control orders enforcing the wearing of leads in the borough, however it is expected that dog owners exercise caution when walking their dogs. If a dog can not be recalled immediately then it should not be let off the lead, for the safety of the dog and the general public."