AN EXPERIENCED paramedic has been suspended for a year after being found guilty of a string of professional failings.

Barry Fogg, a former emergency care practitioner with the East of England Ambulance Service, based at Southend station, failed to properly assess a patient, left treatment to junior colleagues and then did not immediately log back on for more emergency jobs.

Mr Fogg’s actions on July 16 2011 at 4.20am were investigated by the trust after the patient’s carer complained about treatment received while being admitted to Southend Hospital.

The committee heard the patient received an injury during transit and had to have a toe nail removed at the hospital.

Mr Fogg, who did not attended the hearing in London, and was not represented, had worked for the trust since 1986.

An internal investigation by the trust found Mr Fogg was first on the scene in a rapid response vehicle, but failed to properly assess the patient or fill out a patient care record form adequately.

He called for an ambulance, but then left the patient unattended while he greeted the crew, failed to properly manage the treatment, leaving it to more junior colleagues, and failed to provide a full clinical handover to the crew.

He then took 18 minutes to indicate he was available for more emergency calls.

Mr Fogg resigned then took early retirement before the investigation concluded, so it was passed to the council.

Panel chair Christine Mills said: “Barry Fogg was a highly experienced paramedic. He had an increased scope of practise and was expected to supervise others. The Panel considered that he must have known what was expected of him in the circumstances and the matters found did not arise from any lack of knowledge or competence.

“The circumstances of Barry Fogg’s misconduct were very serious. Barry Fogg has shown no remorse or insight into his behaviour in these proceedings.”