THERE was some horsing around in Basildon on Friday morning as four foals were caught trotting near to Sainsburys.

Police were alerted to the horses presence at 7.25am after they had been seen walking along Cricketers Way, Eastmayne. It is thought that two of the animals were adult horses and two were younger foals, although it remains a mystery where they came from.

Police rounded up the animals after three police cars were called to the scene. The animals were herded into nearby Nevendon Close by officers before being moved into an outdoor garage space in Church Lane. Police had cordoned off a grassy area alongside Nevendon Close where the horses had taken shelter before they left the scene. It took police four-and-a-half hours to round up the horses.

John Simpson, 70, has been the church warden at nearby St Peter’s Church for six years and he said he first heard a commotion in the early morning.

Mr Simpson, of Bishops Close, said: “It was a real surprise to me. It is not what you expect to see when you look out the front window. The police did a good job of shepherding the horses into the garage area around the back. It is perfect for the horses as it is large and open so they were held there until they were collected after midday.”