A ROCHFORD magician has organised one of the biggest magic shows to hit London’s West End in more than 100 years.

Oliver Tabor, 34, is set to see his dreams come true when some of Britain’s most successful magicians take to the stage together for a one-off spectacular as they take magic back to its former heartland.

Other than Derren Brown, there hasn’t been a major magic show in the heart of the West End for a century.

He was inspired to organise the show after the FISM World Magic Championships, known as the Olympics of Magic, came to Britain this year for the first time ever.

Mr Tabor also believes now is the right time following the comeback of variety performances thanks to television shows such as Britain’s Got Talent.

He said: “Ten to 15 years ago there wasn’t really a market for magic shows in London, but now there are about three or four very popular monthly magic nights. I think since the re-emergance of cabaret and burlesque it has really lead to the way for variety shows.

“There are some amazing street magicians on television at the moment and we now have lots of television talent shows, but they don’t always paint magicians in the best light. My aim has always been to show people what magic is all about and just how exciting it can be.”

Every summer Mr Tabor puts on an intimate show to just 100 people at the Red Brick Barn at Sutton Hall Farm, Rochford.

On Saturday, March 9, he will put on his biggest show to date when he takes over The Leicester Square Theatre alongside illusionists High Jinx, multi-award winning magician Richard Griffin, leader of comedy magic Christian Lee and some of Britain’s top ventriloquists.

Mr Tabor took up magic at the age of 12 when got a magic set for Christmas, and he hasn’t looked back since.

He said: “I started doing a few shows for friends and family and it kind of went from a hobby to an obsession. I didn’t go to university like a lot of my friends and instead went to work in a magic shop in central London. Every day I was getting to meet amazing magicians and learning new tricks- that was kind of my education.

“It has always been my dream to put on a show in the West End so this is a really big deal for me.”

For tickets or more information about West End Magic visit www.westendmagic.com.