A WOMAN has told how she was abused at the hands of Jimmy Savile on BBC premises when she was just nine-years-old.

Leisha Brookes, 45, of the Woodgrange Estate, Southend, yesterday waived her right to anonymity to tell how she was assaulted by the perverted DJ and up to 30 other men in the 1970s.

She says a cameraman friend of her family introduced her to the former Jim'll Fix It presenter.

Ms Brookes decided to reveal her horror story after other victims came forward to unveil Savile as Britain’s worst paedophile.

And she has taken the unusual step of revealing her story in court because she is refusing to pay for a TV licence because of what happened to her.

She told the Echo: “I wanted to meet Jimmy Savile, most kids did back then. I met him three times when he touched me. I’ve had more than 30 years of burying this away, I feel so ashamed to say what happened and go into details. "

Speaking through her tears, she said the cameraman had been prosecuted for abusing her from the age of nine.

She said it had begun with him taking photographs which became increasingly pornographic and much of the abuse had happened on BBC premises at White City.

She said the cameraman passed her around his friends and she had also met Savile on three occasions when he had touched her.

In all she believes about 30 men were involved. Ms Brookes said she had attempted suicide by burning her house down in 1997 with just herself inside as a result of the abuse.

She is also suing Savile’s estate and the BBC for what happened to her. Last week she appeared at Colchester Magistrates’ Court where she revealed she had always refused to give a penny to the BBC following the attacks.

She had always claimed it was due to “personal reasons” and had racked up hundreds of pounds in fines but finally told the hushed court of the real reasons.

fined her £50 with a surcharge of £20, after she explained to them what had happened. She said this was more lenient than her previous fines as she has had to shell out £260 on one occasion and £360 on another.