RAP took centre stage at the House of Commons for the first time with a Southend performer leading the way.

Sonny Green, 18, from Southend’s Kursaal estate, became the first-ever rapper to perform at parliament as part of a charity gig.

Sonny, also know as SBG, even got to share the stage with world renowned DJ Fatboy Slim for the Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (LNADJ) charity.

The organisation uses music to inspire and encourage people to make small changes to their communities, and was attended by 200 people, including music industry executives and MPs.

Sonny said: “They wanted me to represent my generation because of what I have to say. They’ve called me the ‘poet of our generation’.

“Norman Cook’s (Fatboy Slim) didn’t watch my show but his wife Zoe (Ball) did and she loved it.”

Sonny started performing just two years ago, playing Southend’s smaller venues, but has since gone on to bigger venues including a show at London’s Ministry of Sound.

Sonny said: “I started off with small local gigs at places like Room 24, and it’s gone on from there to places like Passing Clouds in Hackney. Last year I played loads of festivals like Glade and the Secret Garden Party.”

He added that there are plans for a UK tour later this year, and the possibility of shows in Ibiza.

Sonny said he wants to tour the world and sell millions of records, but also wants to be able to help others make it to a position similar to his.

Sonny said: “I want to create opportunities for other people and a platform for them to speak, and to raise people’s vibrations through music and spoken word.

“Rap means rhythm and poetry; a lot of people get confused with it. Even William Blake was a rapper!”