GOLFERS are calling on a council to sort out drainage on their course because it is putting their club under threat.

The 18-hole green in Belfairs Park is used by Southend Golf Club and has only just reopened after it was forced to close in January because it was waterlogged.

Now people are cancellign their membership leaving bosses worried about the future.

They have offered golfers a sweetener of a months free membership if they renew this year.

Southend Council says that it plans to install extra drainage to ease the problem but, ironically, this has been delayed due to the wet weather.

Golfers say their club has been hampered by the closure with players choosing to jump ship and are worried that the list of members is dwindling.

Ian Southgate, who is on the club’s committee, said: “If we lose another ten or twelve members and we can’t replace them for another two years we could have a serious problem.

“We budget for at least 75 season ticket holders but we’re down to about 64 as people were fed up with the amount of time the course was closed.

“I’m grateful that the council has offered an extra month for renewals and we want to work with them to make the club flourish.”