TAX payers are to foot the bill to clear up vile rubbish, hurled from the windows of a tower block by slovenly residents.

But Basildon Council’s tough talking deputy leader has vowed to prosecute and evict those responsible and is reintroducing daily patrols at Brooke House to crack down on the problem.

For clean residents living at the Grade II listed flats in Basildon’s Town Square the move will mean they will finally have a pleasant view of the skyline rather than just the heap of soiled nappies, sanitary waste, rotting food and dumped rubbish.

The Echo reported last week how some residents living at the flats had been hurling rubbish on to the roof of the HSBC bank below, instead of paying a trip to the towerblock’s refuse area.

One private landlord and councillor demanded action and the council has now agreed to carry out clean up work.

But the dirty residents responsible for causing the mess in the first place have been slammed by Basildon Council’s deputy leader for costing hardworking council taxpayers the £800 bill for the clean-up.

Outspoken Phil Turner said: “The council's contractors will be clearing and disposing of the rubbish thrown from Brooke House today.

“We have also written to tenants about the matter and will be visiting residents at Brooke House.

"I would like to make it clear that when the perpetrators are identified they will be dealt with accordingly. This includes prosecution and eviction.

“They may as well be throwing taxpayers money out of the window and this council will not stand for it.”

Mr Turner said patrols will also return to the towerblock on a daily basis to stamp the problem out.

He added: “As another measure to tackle this issue community wardens are patrolling the block on a daily basis in a bid to identify who is responsible and they will also be working closely with the police community support officers.”

Pat Rackley, independent ward councillor for St Martin’s who raised the issue, welcomed the news of the clean-up.

She said: “This really is unhealthy and unpleasant for residents living there and people in the town.

“Daily inspections are the only way to stop this happening.”

*Anyone with information about those flytipping rubbish at Brooke House can call Basildon Council’s tenancy and estate management team on 01268 265010.