EIGHTY people had specially designed tattoos inked to raise money in memory of an 11 year old girl.

Family friend and Shamanics tattoo artist Iain Parry designed the artwork to remember creative youngster Hannah Windsor who died in February.

Hannah had lived since she was three with transient ischaemic attacks, known as mini strokes, caused by a rare brain condition.

Iain organised the charity day at the studio in Westcliff to raise money for Havens Hospices after Hannah spent respite stays at Little Havens.

Iain, 32, from Southchurch, said: “Over 80 people had tattoos, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 7pm! We raised £2,689 in total. There was a real family atmosphere with cake sales and face painting.

“People had come down after seeing the article about Hannah and decided to get her heart balloon tattoo.

“People had tattoos to remember loved ones who had died, some at Fair Havens.

“There was lots of emotion but also happiness. It was an amazing way to get a lasting tribute to their loved ones.

“Lots of people got their first ever tattoo because they were inspired by Hannah’s story.”

While at Little Havens, Hannah showed off her artistic talents in a number of art exhibitions to raise money for the hospice.

She was also filmed for a DVD to raise awareness of hospice care throughout the UK.

Hannah’s mum, Heather Curtis, 35, said, “It was so much better than we could have hoped for. We couldn’t have done it without Iain Parry from Shamanics and all the tattooists who gave their time for free.

“They worked so hard and didn’t stop tattooing all day long.

“The fact that people who had never met Hannah, or knew how amazing the hospice has been to us, turned up to get a tattoo in her memory was just so moving.

“This is just one step towards creating a legacy for Hannah, our beautiful little girl who we miss every day.”

All funds are going to Havens Hospices via Hannah’s Appeal to carry on her legacy http://www.justgiving.com/Heather-Curtis0