A SENIOR police officer has vowed to help a council get tough with dog owners not cleaning up after their pets.

Frustrated residents have complained over the “disgusting” state of Canvey seafront which is being plagued by irresponsible pet owners allowing their pooches to mess on the footpaths.

Patrols are currently being conducted by Canvey Town Council’s community warden Jess Fisher, who has now been granted the authority to issue on-the-spot fines of up to £80 to anyone caught in the act.

However, the former police officer is solely responsible for the whole of the island, and says she cannot be everywhere at once.

Miss Fisher said: “I have physically got to see them at it in order to issue a fine and over the whole of last year I only caught five people doing it.

“I am really trying hard to put a stop to this and fine my first offender now I have the powers.”

Now, Sergeant Mark McQuade of the Castle Point neighbourhood team for Essex Police, has pledged to offer police support to help tackle the on-going problem.

Sergeant McQuade said: “If there is a problem with dog fouling, just tell us roughly where and what time this is taking place then I will do my best to get an officer down there to check it out.

“Obviously more serious crimes will take priority, but Jess is only one person working on her own so we will try and support her.

“Failing that, I have no problem going down to each of these people’s homes and telling them all about dangers of leaving excrement lying around and it getting in children’s eyes.”

The announcement was made at a Canvey Town Council meeting on Monday.

Residents welcomed the news hoping it would help tidy the popular seafront in time for the summer.