A CYCLIST was hurt after colliding with a car on one of Southend seafront’s new shared space crossings.

Emergency services were called to Marine Parade, outside the Circus Circus arcade, as the seafront buzzed with day trippers.

The injured man, in his 50s, was treated at the scene.

A police spokesman did not have specific details of the crash.

She said: “We are investigating a road crash in which a man sustained minor injuries.

“Officers were called to Marine Parade outside the Circus Circus arcade following a collision between a bike and a black Ford Mondeo.

“Paramedics were called in, but the man did not need to be taken to hospital.”

The crash has sparked fresh fears over the safety of shared space in the new City Beach area.

The informal crossings, made of bricks laid in a herringbone pattern, have been installed over the last month following concerns about pedestrians having to run the gauntlet into oncoming traffic to get across the road.

With minimal kerbage there is little to inform pedestrians and motorists where the road and pavements meet.

The crossings, and a 20mph zone enforced with average speed cameras, were designed to lessen the risks to pedestrians.

The four crossings were only completed last week, but they failed to prevent the latest crash Campaigners and councillors have joined forces to condemn the new shared space crossings on City Beach.

Labour councillor Anne Jones, who represents Kursaal ward where the crossings are sited, claims the informal layout causes confusion, both for residents and day-trippers.

She said: “I wouldn’t imagine that people from outside of Southend would know that it was a crossing at all.

“Shared space schemes on the continent have a much better use of colour and signage, and are much more direct and user friendly. Ours is definitely not shared space – we call it that, but it isn’t.”

Tony Cox, executive councillor for public protection, waste and transport, said: “I was very sorry to hear about the incident involving a cyclist at one of the informal pedestrian crossing points at about 5.15pm on Monday afternoon.

“In the meantime we are working with the police to investigate the incident.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.