PARENTS have called for action to protect their children from danger drivers on a road dubbed a “death trap”.

Angry mums and dads want at least two school crossings put in outside Janet Duke Primary School in Markhams Chase, Laindon, claiming youngsters are at risk due to speeding and illegally parked drivers.

They fear a child could be seriously injured or even killed if no action is taken.

Many, who turned up to a public meeting about the issue last week, blame other parents for making the situation such a hazard.

Sarah Steel, 34, of Somercotes, Laindon, who has two boys at the school, said: “It is parents that are to blame for not walking their children to school. I know people who live nearby but insist on driving and it isn’t good enough. At this point the road is a death trap.

“This is a primary school. People need to realise that when they are speeding past and parking illegally making it dangerous for other children crossing.”

James Tape, 25, and his wife Louise, 34, live on Dickens Drive, Laindon, and have two kids at the school and another coming next year.

Mr Tape said: “I have another child coming here next year and it is simply not safe. We need to introduce measures to help. And it needs to be done now.”

Headteacher Harriet Phelps-Knights called a public meeting at the school last Friday with parents, officers from the school crossing patrol, Police Community Safety Officers, councillor John Dornan and MP John Baron’s secretary.

Parents believe two pelican crossings should be installed the length of the school on Markhams Chase or one crossing at one end of the road with current lollypop man Perry Snoddy manning the other end of the school road.

Headteacher Mrs Phelps-Knights said: “This has been an issue for too long now but we need parents to accept some responsibility. “Parents need to stay with their children and make sure they don’t lose control of them as they cross. I have written a number of letters to parents detailing the issue but we need a solution.”

Parents have agreed to write to Essex County Council to lobby for their support. Regular meetings will be held in the coming months to form an action plan.