IT’S AN unlikely line up... but Southend rapper Sonny Green has teamed up with Sir David Attenborough, Queen guitarist Brian May, and Slash from Guns N’ Roses to release a single!

Badger Swagger, as it has been entitled, has been created by the musical greats to campaign against the cull of badgers.


May, 65, who led a rally last week in central London against the badger cull, penned the vocals and plays piano on the track.

Sonny, 18, from Southend’s Woodgrange estate, provides rap and verse lyrics while Sir Attenborough speaks on the single.

Slash is the guitarist and Shara Nelso (founding member of Massive Attack) and Kerry Ellis are on vocals.

The single was devised as more than 5,000 free-running badgers in west Somerset and west Gloucestershire can now be shot by trained marksmen.

Sonny, also known as SBG, said: “I am involved in this amazing project and I will not stand by and do nothing whilst companies are being hired to kill innocent animals on mass.

“The badger cull is primitive, unscientific and disgraceful and makes me feel ashamed that the human race can be acting in such a way.

“Please help us by signing the government e-petition online.”

Sonny has been making a real name for himself since releasing his first album two years ago.

In March he became the first rapper to perform at Parliament in a charity gig.

Music producer Rob Cass was inspired to create a track for the Artful Badger campaign group to help them raise further public awareness of the cull.

Rob said: "This track is my humble contribution to stopping the needless slaughter of badgers.

“I met the ‘Artful Badger’ team on a demonstration to stop the cull a few months back and we decided the best way we could help was to do what we do best, make music.

“We reached out to Brian May, Slash, Shara Nelson, Sam and The Womp, Sonny Green and lastly the wonderful David Attenborough, all people who care about animal welfare to contribute and they all did so happily and bringing their fabulous talents to the table.

“I'm very proud indeed to be a small part of this incredible team."

The single and video, inviting the public to voice their opposition by signing up to the government e-petition, are out now. Details from