FOUL smells coming from a tree chopping firm in Shoebury have been getting up residents’ noses.

So many complaints have been made about Tree Fella, in Wakering Road, that the Environment Agency has worked with the firm to try to stop the pungent smell.

Brenda Collins, of Wakering Road, said: “It makes our life hell. I would move away, but I like this area.”

Daphne Thicke, 67, also of Wakering Road, said:”It’s awful.

"When the wind is blowing this way, you can’t sit in the garden because the smell is so foul.”

Forty complaints about the smell have been made since last summer, with the Environment Agency called in to help reduce the odours.

It is satisfied the firm, which gets rid of green waste for Southend Council, is sticking to the odour management plan and insists the fumes are not harmful.

But neighbours are continuing to complain about the smell, saying it prevents them enjoying their gardens in the summer.