A MAGICIAN appeared to make his competition disappear when he took a clean sweep of awards at an international event.

Oliver Tabor, 34, of Shopland Road, Rochford, won the top four awards for stage magic at the International Brotherhood of Magicians British Ring convention, in Buxton, earlier this month.

He won awards for originality, manipulation, and the first prize.

He also took home the IBM British Ring Shield for being the most outstanding act and overall winner.

Mr Tabor is the first competitor to accomplish a clean sweep since the competition’s inception in the Thirties.

He said: “It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet. I know it’s an amazing achievement and I’m over the moon, but I still can’t quite believe it. It’s crazy!”

Mr Tabor competed against ten other magicians from around the UK, performing a ten-minute act featuring appearing doves, cards and violins.

He said: “I’ve had plenty of seconds and thirds, but I’ve never won a competition before. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now.

"It started as a hobby, became an obsession and now it’s a profession.”

Mr Tabor was given a magic set aged 12 and started doing shows for children when he was a teenager. He then went to work in Davenport’s magic shop, in London.

Mr Tabor who used to perform on cruise ships, said working at the shop was his university.

He added: “I spent all day practising, meeting other magicians and reading the books.”

He was also chosen to perform at the World Magic Championships in Blackpool last year.

He said: “It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life. The standard was so high it was mind-blowing.

“I did OK. I didn’t win, but I didn’t think I was going to. It was great to be there just for the experience.”

Mr Tabor tours the country lecturing students on magic and its trade. He said his ultimate goal was to take his show to America and perform at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles.

He will next perform his act at the Leicester Square Theatre, in West End Magic, on Sunday.