CAMPAIGN has been launched to cut speeding along a busy road after several accidents.

Kerry Smith, Ukip county councillor for Westley Heights, wants drivers to take more notice of speed signs and crossings on London Road, Vange.

The campaign comes after a four-year-old boy suffered serious head injuries after being hit by a car two months ago in the 30mph road.

As part of the campaign, Mr Smith also wants to see railings put outside Vange Primary School.

He said: “There are a lot of children walking along London Road, so we want to get something done to reduce the problem of speeding.

“It has always been a bad road and everyone knows there is only one speed camera so they don’t take any notice. The speed limit doesn’t need to be reduced.

People just need to stick to it.

“This isn’t about attacking motorists. It’s about making the road safer.

“Since I was elected in May this is the issue residents really want to talk about.”

He added the pedestrian crossing to the Marsh View Court shops would benefit from traffic lights, while more electronic signs reminding motorists of their speed, could be placed along the road.

The campaign has been backed by Clare Perry, 37, of Goldings Crescent, Vange.

Her son, River was hit by a car in February 2011 when he was nine years old.

Ms Perry said: “The road is a deathtrap. It’s at its worst in the morning and evening, and pedestrians have no chance of crossing, because no one stops for you.

“It’s a main road and people know they can get away with it.

There is no enforcement.

“It took me a long time to let River walk to the shop after his accident, and it’s caused so many more problems than you could imagine.”

Officers from the casualty reduction team at Essex Police carried out speed checks near Vange Primary School around drop-off and pick-up times last Tuesday.

Eight speeding motorists were ordered to take part in speed awareness courses, and police have promised to continue regular checks.

A spokesman for Essex Highways said: “The councillor or local residents can raise their concerns regarding this location via their local highways panel which could consider what measures may be available to address local concerns.

“We would advise residents to contact their local parish or district councillor who will then raise the request for the local highways panel to consider.