LABOUR has retained the ward of Stifford Clays in a dramatic night of politics.

Sue Shinnick defeated Danny Nicklen (Con), Kevin Mulroue (Lib Dem) and Clive Broad (UKIP) after voters turned out to vote for their candidate in the by-election.

All four parties have been canvassing hard in the last month but Shinnick took the win with 646 votes, Tory Danny Nicklen scored 570 votes, Clive Broad 504 votes and Kevin Mulroue 35 votes.

Labour’s success means the party still holds an overall majority at the council, which they would have lost should this vote have gone differently, as the independent councillors tend to vote with the Conservatives in full council meetings.

Diana Hale’s death in August left the seat open, with the outcome very much up-for-grabs, but this result means Labour still retain the majority in the council.