A HOMEOWNER is counting the cost of flood damage after a manhole broke.

It is the second flood to hit properties in Thorpe Hall Avenue in Thorpe Bay in just three weeks.

Lucinda Thornton woke up yesterday to find filthy water and sewage in her home.

She blames Anglian Water for not replacing a faulty storm pump that is designed to clear water However, the firm said the incident was unrelated to the pump which broke in August’s floods.

Mrs Thornton said: “We were woken at midnight by the police to tell us there was a burst water main up the road.

“I’d been asleep and was a bit confused we had a quick look and there was some water in the garden and the conservatory floor was wet, but there was nothing we could do so we went back to bed.

“Now I’m surrounded by a sea of sludge and poo.

“This happened just three weeks ago and we still hadn’t had everything cleaned and replaced because we’ve been waiting for insurance.

“We were told last night it was a burst water main, but this is all due to the fact Anglian Water hasn’t replaced the pump.

“It’s not the main, its not exceptional rain. I’ve lived here ten years and never had this trouble.

“If only they’d hurry and replace this pump.”

However Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, said: “Regrettably, one of the specialised bolted manholes broke during the storm, allowing water to flood from the pipe.

Engineers are replacing this manhole and checking others nearby are properly fastened, so this shouldn’t happen again.

“This problem is completely unrelated to the Thorpe Hall Avenue pumping station.”

The first floods arrived in August when extreme downpours hit the area.

Homes were again flooded on October 12 and 13.

Residents claim Anglian Water still has not replaced the stormpump after it broke in the August floods.

Mrs Thornton her husband and two children keep chickens, whose run was flooded, and fish were seen swimming around the garden.

Anglian Water told the Echo after October’s floods a replacement storm pipe would cost tens of thousands of pounds.

A spokesman said last month: “Although this did not add to the flooding, it did reduce the speed at which we were able to clear the water.

“A new pump is being delivered in the coming weeks, but it is a specialist piece of equipment which has to be built to order.”