CAMPAIGNERS have called for flood defences to be improved at the Gunners Park coastline in Shoebury.

Members of Friends of Shoebury Common say repairs to the sloping section of the wall near Barge Pier, called the revetment, need to be undertaken before anymore damage is done.

The wall is the responsibility of Country and Metropolitan, who developed the Shoebury Garrison site.

Ray Bailey of Parkanaur Avenue, Shoebury, said: “This needs to be looked at urgently, it’s no good just leaving it. If it’s not done, in time that wall will collapse. In 2005 there was a hole in the same area which was supposed to have been repaired, but it must have been a botched job, because now there’s another one – it’s supposed to be a very robust wall.”

Peter Grubb, owner of Uncle Toms Cabin, said: “I understand from Southend Council repairs to that wall were part of the package deal that allowed the developer to build.

“Due to the terrible and dangerous state of disrepair the wall is in, the developers are playing roulette with the people of Shoebury.”

Peter Lovett, of Leitrim Avenue, added: “It’s just another nail in the coffin of this whole saga. It just seems like business suicide to spend all this money on the proposed sea wall, and then have to spend all this extra money on repairing the current defences.”

The concrete, crest wall was built by the developers at the top of the revetment in order to raise the level of flood defence.

Richard Atkins, coastal defence engineer for Southend Council, said: “The sea wall is owned by Country and Metropolitan, the owners of the site, and as such is currently their responsibility for maintenance.

They have undertaken to repair the holes in the wall as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for Country and Metropolitan Homes said: “We are working with Southend Council to establish the full extent of the works needed on the sea wall adjacent to the Garrison development.

“We have already undertaken significant work on the groynes and are currently remediating sea wall slips. Further work is planned for spring 2014.”