AN ALLIANCE could be formed between Southend’s UK Independence Party and the Independent group to run the council in the future.

Both parties have not ruled out an alliance both before and after the local council elections, being held in May.

Ukip is still yet to win a seat on Southend Council, but is expected to do well in next year’s poll as the vote is on the same day as the European elections.

The Independent group has eight seats on the council, making them the joint second biggest group with the Lib Dems.

Both groups say they could work together to control the council if they get the right number of seats as the Indepdents said they may agree with Ukip's policy of scrapping the current cabinet system.

James Moyies, Shoebury resident and eastern chairman for Ukip, said: “Our policy is to give people a greater say, people are starting to realise that the cabinet system in Southend provides no real democracy.

“Hopefully after May we will be working with the Independents to form a proper local Government for Southend.”

He later added he could work with members of other parties too.

The first signs of a pact between the two groups emerged in 2011, when the parties did not field candidates against each other.

Further links between the two groups have been highlighted further because the Independent group has not put a candidate forward to fight next month’s West Leigh by-election even though Ukip has.

Martin Terry, Independent group leader, hasn’t ruled out a more formal agreement with Ukip in the future.

He said: “There will be some areas where we won’t be standing anyway, and I suspect some where they won’t be standing although our plans haven’t been made yet.

“Ukip have said that its part of their policy to make decisions without a whip and act locally as independents, as far as we’re concerned if that’s their true policy we do feel we can work with them."