COUNCILLORS are calling for action to be taken to repair potholes blighting a Laindon road.

Phil and Pat Rackley, Independent Labour councillors for St Martin’s ward, are fed up with gaping holes and crumbling tarmac outside their house in Devonshire Road.

The road was repaired just 16 months ago, but is now more of a hazard to motorists than ever before.

Mr Rackley said: “The potholes were sorted out just over a year ago, but they soon came back and are now worse than ever.

“The council seems to resurface over them, which is just a temporary measure, rather than a permanent fix.

“The potholes are not only annoying for motorists, but damage cars and can lead to accidents.”

A highways inspector from Essex County Council is set to visit the site, between the junctions of King Edward Road and Roberts Road, within the next ten days.

A spokesman for Essex County Council said: “An Essex Highways Inspector will carry out an ad-hoc inspection of the location to robustly assess the condition of the highway and to determine what potential repairs are required.

“The highway will also be inspected in February as a part of the annual inspection programme.

“However, there are factors that will ultimately determine this time period, such as road usage, whether the repair is at a junction or turning point, the condition of the surrounding carriageway, the original construction of the carriageway and whether the area is susceptible to flooding.”