RESIDENTS of a flooded road are calling for action from Southend Council after putting up with treacherous conditions for more than a month.

Parts of Rebels Lane, in Great Wakering, have been under water since before Christmas.

Sarah Berry, 39, of New Cottages, at the bottom of the road, said it was a nightmare.

She added: “We’re completely stuck. We were managing to get out until quite recently, but it’s now so deep I can’t get my car out any more.

“There’s a lot more planning involved if you want to go anywhere. I’m really worried about the cars – my brother’s a mechanic and said if I get so much as a cup of water in the engine it will really damage it.”

Sarah has two children – nine-year-old Adam, and Megan, 12.

She has been calling the council since the flooding began, and says little has been done to help.

Sarah said: “I’ve been ringing the council about this since it started. Last week it came out with a lorry to pump a bit out in the field near me, but it hasn’t made any difference.”