WILKO Johnson’s new record sold out in a matter of hours when he visited a record store to sign copies.

The Dr Feelgood legend, who went to Westcliff High School for Boys, met fans at Fives Records on Leigh Broadway yesterday to promote Going Back Home, a collaboration with the Who frontman Roger Daltrey that was released earlier this month.


Fans queued down Leigh Broadway to meet their idol

The store’s 150 CD and 75 vinyl copies of the album sold out well before Wilko left the store at about 1.30pm as fans bought up copies for the guitarist to sign.

Wilko, who is suffering from terminal cancer, had recently come back from touring in Japan, but spent three-and-ahalf hours meeting dedicated fans, who queued down the street for an opportunity to meet their idol.

He said: “I’ve just come back from Japan, but I brought the flu back with me.

“It was great being there, though.

“I’ve been six times this year and I can’t get enough of it.

“I love it. I’m feeling good about the record selling, that was a good experience.”


Copies of Wilko's new album sold out at the independent record store

Andy Pearson, 49, from Witham, took the opportunity of a day off work to meet Wilko.

He said: “When I first got here, there were people queuing to the end of the road.

Wilko’s a nice bloke and very down to earth, he’s always been like that.”