A MUM has been banned from her childrens’ school amid claims she is “aggressive”

and “intimidating”.

Victoria Kidd-Dove, 33, has to wait outside the gates at the Phoenix Primary School, in Leinster Road, Laindon, to pick up her children, and is not allowed to go to their sports day or summer concert.

Staff have warned her if she breaches the ban, which was put in place by the governing body, the police could be called.

Mrs Kidd-Dove, of Elizabeth Way, Laindon, first got into an argument with teachers in March after sending ten-yearold son Sam to school with a bottle of ibuprofen when he was feeling under the weather.

She admits she “kicked off”

after being told pupils were not allowed to self-medicate and accepted a week-long ban from the school premises.

The governors then agreed Mrs Kidd-Dove should stay on probation – and she was shocked to find out last week she had been banned once again for her “aggressive and intimidating behaviour”.

She insists she has had no contact with staff at the Phoenix Primary School. Mrs Kidd-Dove, who is also mum to eight-year-old Melissa and Ryan, 13, said: “The school said I was on a probationary period and if I got aggressive or verbally intimidating I wouldn’t be allowed on the premises again, so I have been as good as gold.

“I haven’t been in trouble at all since the first ban ended.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got another letter.

“The first time I held my hands up and could see why it happened, but this time it just doesn’t make sense.

“It’s been hard explaining to my kids why I’m not allowed into the school grounds.

“They either have to be escorted to the gates by a member of staff or one of the other parents has to collect them. My eldest son started going to the nursery there when he was just two, so everyone at the school has known me for a long time.”

The latest ban will last until the end of the term, and will be reviewed ahead of the new school year in September.

The Echo contacted the school, but was told the decision had been made by the governing body and they therefore could not comment.

A spokesman for Essex County Council said they would not get involved in the matter and could not give information as to how many bans are in place across the county.