THESE amazing crop circles have appeared on farm land in Rochford.

Pilot Matthew Williams captured the sight while flying 100ft over Meadow Brook Farm, near Cherry Orchard Way and Hall Road.

Mr Willis, 42, from Wiltshire, took to the skies to film crops circles, after being convicted of criminal damage while make circles of his own.

He said: “The farmers in Wiltshire didn’t like it, so I got caught by police. These days I take pictures of other people’s circles.

“It’s a hobby that I have followed for a number of years.

They are man-made of course, but people do have weird experiences in them. I have seen balls of light over circles.”

Mr Matthews revealed the circles are made with planks of wood and rope.

He said: “You use a tape measure to do a design on paper then scale it up. Then you mark it out with rope and use a footboard to press down the crop. Most of them take five to six hours.

“I used to take the pictures flying a microlight, but it wasn’t very stable, so I have a quadcopter now. You get much more cinematic shots and it is more stable, so you can study the circles more.”

More of Mr Williams’ crop circle pictures can be found at 2014/arklane3/arklane2014c.html