NEIGHBOURS have vowed to fight plans to rebrand their estate after new flower-themed road names were revealed.

Somercotes, Somercotes Court, Mellow Purgess and Newberry Side, on the Five Links Estate, Laindon, will be named after orchids, sorrels, foxgloves, poppies and chamomiles from November.

Basildon Council has written to 533 houses about the change, which aims to simplify addresses on the streets after new homes were added over the years.

But furious residents have hit out at the new names, chosen by local children, saying they are a waste of time and will cause endless problems.

Pat O’Connor, of Mellow Purgess, will have her road changed to Gardenia Close.

She said: “We’re not taking this lying down – we’re fighting this all the way.

“We’ve been canvassing hundreds of residents across the estate and so far I’ve only found one person who has said they’re not worried.

“We’re planning our strategy and there’ll be a backlash. We just don’t want to say too much at the moment so as not to give the game away.”

Doreen Bishop, 67, of Newberry Side, will be living in Lobelia Mews.

She said: “I’ve lived here for 43 years and there’s just no need.

“And why have children been allowed to choose the names?”

Building on Five Links has been going on since the Nineties, with many homes demolished and rebuilt, leading to the original layout of the estate being changed.

Basildon Council said it has only had one complaint so far.

Residents have 21 days to register any objections with Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court.

After that, if none are received, the changes will be brought in by November 14.

Basildon Council: Why this needs to happen

BASILDON Council insists the changes are necessary as it has a legal duty to ensure roads are properly named and numbered.

The council has said the move would not cost the council anything as the developers of the scheme would be paying for it, and so far it had only received one complaint.

Phil Turner, council leader, said the council has consulted with local schoolchildren, who chose the flower theme.

He said: “The road names are being changed to ensure the council conforms with its legal duty to ensure estates and roads around Five Links are coherently named and numbered, for the benefit of existing and future residents.

“A sensible numbering and naming plan assists with navigating the estate on foot and by car, especially in emergency situations.

“It is commonplace in such regeneration projects around existing residential properties which are remaining. The Post Office is aware of the new addresses and will also know the old addresses. It was also included in the consultation process.

“The new names are all based on the names of flowers, continuing the theme agreed for phase two of the development.”