A councillor has arranged for another dog mess bin to be installed as he continues his battle to clean up Canvey’s seafront.

Last month, Colin Letchford used his borough councillor allowance to buy two dog mess bins to be placed along walking routes.

Mr Letchford, who empties the bins himself while walking his dog, has now placed a third bin on the waterfront at Thorney Bay.

He said: “It has started being used, but we need to start educating people.”

Castle Point Council has warned irresponsible dog owners they could face £80 on-the-spot fines, or be forced to pay as much as £1,000 incourt, if they let their pets foul the beach and seawall.

Mr Letchford, who is independent councillor for Canvey East, is hopeful the council will soon install extra bins.

He said: “I believe we need to do something ourselves until things happen.”