A CONMAN posing as a policeman tricked an 81-year-old woman into handing over £1,000 of her savings.

The trickster barged his way in to the woman’s house, telling her he believed she had counterfeit money and he needed to check her bank notes.

It is the second con of its type in the past week and Basildon CID are appealing for anyone with information to contact them.

The victim, who the Echo has chosen not to name, said: “I opened the door and the man said he was a police officer and he believed I had counterfeit money in the house.

“He put his foot in the door and said if I did not open the door he would injure me. He barged in.

“I went upstairs to get my money and he followed me up. He was being very bullying.

“He then put the money in to his pockets and left.

“I had saved up that money to pay for my council tax. It’s due next month and I amveryworried about how I will afford it.

“I really do not feel happy about it. He is a swine.

“This man is obviously preying on older people because he thinks we are daft.”

The incident happened in The Rising, Billericay, at about noon on March 5.

The conman was a fat, white man, about 6 ft 2ins tall.

He was wearing what the victim described as “tidy” clothes and spokewith an English accent.

Earlier this week the Echo reported how a man, also posing as a police officer, swindled a 94-year-old woman out of £800.

He went to the woman’s house in Friern Gardens, Wickford and told the elderly pensioner he needed to “check her paper money”.

The victim let him in to her home and he asked to see where she kept her cash.

He snatched the money and fled the property.

Anyone with information can call Basildon CID on 101.