SEVEN people have now come forward to claim they saw a UFO this week.

All reported seeing a large mysterious triangular object, with flashing red lights.

Electrician Graham Hearson, 45, of Westcliff, claimed he saw a UFO in Basildon while through Basildon on the A127 about 5am on Monday.

Pitsea couple Michael and Jane Pittaway said they too had seen fast-moving lights about 11.30pm on Sunday.

Tree surgeon Terry Waller, 29, of Rayleigh, said he and two friends had seen something similar on Tuesday night.

He said he had seen red lights and heard a weird noise.

Yvonne Simmons, 53, of Rayleigh, was ringing on behalf of a "shy friend" who also lives in Mr Waller's Street.

She said her friend reporting seeing flashing lights and a whirring noise about 7pm on Tuesday.

If you sighted a UFO this week and have a photo to prove it, contact the Echo on 01268 469 409.