IDENTICAL twins who became internet sensations after shedding 19 stone between them are helping youngsters get interested in politics.

YouTube stars Niki and Sammy Albon, 23, from Canvey, were handpicked to quiz Labour Party leader Ed Miliband on housing, education and jobs after his manifesto launch.

The interview, designed to encourage more young people to sign up to vote in the general election on Thursday, May 7, will be streamed on the pair’s online channel “NikiNSammy”.

The twins, who have more than 126,000 subscribers, even managed to get Mr Miliband to pose for a selfie with them.

Sam, who is the youngest by 18 minutes, said: “We went toameeting in London about how the election could be covered on YouTube, and at the end of that we would be offered the opportunity to interview Ed, which we jumped at.

“We’re politically neutral, but there’s a massive drive to get young people registered to vote and interested in politics. We are hoping to get a lot of people tuning into our channel to watch the interview.

“He is down with the kids!"

The twins, who invested more than £1,000 into filming equipment and lighting when they set up their channel, were also given the chance to interviewAmerican actor Kevin James ahead of the release of new film, Mall Cop 2.

Niki said: “We’ve started doing a lot more film reviews and interviews, so we’re getting really good opportunities offered to us.

"We started out filming videos as a hobby, but things have really picked up.”

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