A HUGE rescue operation rescued two teenagers stuck in mudflats for two hours at a country park on Saturday.

Two fire engines, the police helicopter, thames coastguard, and the RNLI hovercraft were all scrambled to Wat Tyler Country Park, in Pitsea Hall Lane, Pitsea, after the alarm was raised at 3.30pm.

The two boys, aged 15 and 16, had been taking a shortcut home across the muddy creek when they became stuck in waist high mud.

The police chopper from Boreham initially located the duo, while fire services and lifeboat teams worked together to free them from the mud.

Assistant Divisional Officer Paul Chipperfield said: "The two boys aged 15 and 16 years old were taking a short cut home across a muddy creek when they became stranded up to their waist in mud. There were three boys in total and the third friend was not stuck in the mud.  

"It was difficult to locate the boys from the land, so the police helicopter was called in to search for them, once they were located at Marsh Farm, Pitsea Hall Lane, which is adjacent to Wat Tyler Country Park, the rescue operations could begin.

"The ECFRS swift water rescue team from Leigh used their sled and rescue paths to reach the boys, the RNLI used their hovercraft, and crews worked together to rescue the lads who were about 20 foot from the land.  The pair were suffering from shock and the cold, and were placed in the care of the Ambulance Service. 

"Thanks to the efforts of everyone involved in the rescue and the successful outcome, by bringing the boys to safety.


The scene of the rescue

ADO Chipperfield added: "ECFRS is urging all young people to take care near open water, incidents like this show how dangerous it is to wade out into muddy waters and how easy and quickly it is to become trapped and out of your depth."

The boys were put in the care of the ambulance service but suffered no serious injuries.

They had been freed by 5.30pm.




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