A MUM has launched a campaign to overturn a school ban that stops children from drinking juice in the classroom – even in the heatwave.

Tammy Tilbrook, 36, from Rayleigh, has started a petition to allow children to drink sugar free juice in class at Glebe Primary School in Creswick Avenue, Rayleigh.

The school only allows children to drink water in class as it wants to ensure children stay healthy, but 52 parents have now signed the petition and think the rules should be relaxed.

Mrs Tilbrook, who has three children at the school, feels children who don’t like drinking water should be given the option of having juice on hotter days.

She said: “There needs to be a change as a lot of children are quite stubborn when it comes to drinking water and some kids would rather dehydrate than drink it and then come out of school with a headache.

“It’s not like we are asking to allow fizzy drinks. It’s just sugarfree squash the children want.

“I don’t think it would do any harm.”

However, Sam Warner, headteacher at the school, believes the policy on juice drinks is in the best interests of children.

She said: “The health and wellbeing of our pupils is of paramount importance to us.

“As is the case with many schools, we ask that pupils drink water rather than juices or squashes in the classroom during the day.”

The school said the policy has been in place for some time and the majority of parents are very supportive of it.

Mrs Warner added: “Water is not only healthier but is also more hydrating, which is especially important in the hot weather we are currently experiencing.”

Diana Herve, a nutritionist from Westcliff, backed the school’s stance.

She said: “I think the schools policy is fantastic and I couldn’t agree more.

“Children only like juice because they have got used to the sugary taste and then crave sugar.

“I think all schools should ban sweet products from school.”