Car cruisers will be banned from Southend after the courts granted an injuction against them.

Southend Council has managed to secure the injuction, which will allow officials to legally take action against cruisers coming to the seafront.

The injunction obtained from the High Court forbids any car-cruise events from happening anywhere in the Borough until September 2016.

However, the authority admits it is still working with Essex Police to draw up plans on how to enforce the injuction.

It followed the furore after a ‘static’ car meet up earlier this month, that saw hundreds of vehicle enthusiasts descend on Western Esplande.

However, a small number of them were doing ‘burnouts’ and driving recklesssly during the event.

Independent Martin Terry, who is responsible for transport at the authority, said: “I’m very pleased that we have successfully obtained this order, which will enable us to take tough action against any groups who comes to our town with the intention of driving recklessly.”

“Anyone who organises such an event now does so at their own peril and we will not be shy in bringing the full force of the law to bear.”

“At the same time I’m kindly asking the public to be vigilant and report any incidents to the police if you see them occurring.”