ANTI-WAR demonstrators marched to Southend Council where they left their banners in protest against their MP’S vote to bomb Syria.

A group of protestors from Southend came together to portray their disgust at the country voting to take military action in Syria and more specifically to show they dismay at local MP David Amess, conservative MP for Southend West, for voting ‘Yes’ to bombing Syria.

Around 40 people marched through Southend town centre in a “peaceful protest” to the Civic Centre in Victoria Avenue.

The title of the protest was “Not in my name!” and the statement issued by the group said: “Who was our MP David Amess representing when he voted “Yes” to bombing Syria? You? Not me! Not in my name!”

Protestors were to bring wreaths and flowers “for all the innocents who have been killed or will be in the name of this war” which were laid at the civic centre on Friday.

A spokesman for the group said: “We were protesting against David Amess voting to bomb Syria. We didn’t agree with that. With the current tide in the country at the moment, the islamophobia, it’s heading towards racism.

“About 40 people attended the protest. We are not expecting that amount of people to change anything in the world but we are not just going to sit by and say nothing. We are just showing that we don’t agree.”

Police turned up to the protest but those involved wanted to keep it a peaceful demonstration.

The spokesman added: “It was a successful protest. The police asked us what organisation we were from and we said “the human race and we don’t agree with killing it.

“It was 100 per cent a peaceful protest. With all the wars going on we need peace and not war.

“Any friendly fire, civilian fire, is a 100 per cent failure. David Amess’ voted to bomb Syria and the blood will be on his hands and we didn’t vote, we do not agree with the bombing in Syria. “We were absolutely disgusted with this vote. There has been no sign of peace in 12 years.”

Ron Woodley, Southend’s Council Leader, said: “A group of people who wished to exercise their right to express their views, took part in a peaceful protest outside Southend Civic Centre and left after a few minutes.”

Paul Stygal, of Park Road, Westcliff,  took part in the demonstration.

The 65-year-old said: "We were people from all age groups and different walks of life.

"The one thing we had in common was opposition to the decision to bomb Syria and more importantly to call into question the actions of our MP in voting for this, despite the fact we were aware that many people had written to them asking them to vote against.

"So it was making the point of saying this had been done, not in our name.

"We marched from the great Southend community pub - The Railway Hotel in Clifftown Road, to the Civic Centre.

"There was one solitary policeman waiting for us when we arrived and he was quite happy to allow us to make a peaceful protest.”