A SOUTHEND Hospital research team is taking part in a global study of a heart condition.

The Southend team has been part of a study aimed at improving the treatment of patients with heart rhythm disturbances.

The early treatment of atrial fibrillation for stroke prevention is being tried out in hospitals in Europe and the USA, looking at improving the way patients with the common heart rhythm disturbance condition are treated.

For the past three months, the Southend team has been named top patient recruiter in the UK for the trial.

C o n s u l t a n t cardiologist, Dr Thuraia Nageh, who leads the hospital’s clinical research unit said: “The outcome of clinical trials is essential in providing robust information on how to best treat patients.

“In the cardiology department, we make it a priority to engage in clinical research that is relevant to our patient population and the heart conditions we see in our everyday working practice.”

The study is one of many trials undertaken by her team.

Others are looking at a variety of cardiac conditions, including arrhythmias, coronary artery disease and heart failure.

Dr Nageh added: “We are fortunate our staff and patients see the relevance and appreciate the value of research in helping us to deliver the best quality of clinical care.

“As well as establishing our dedicated research team, my goal has always been to engage our doctors and nurses in research activity and recruitment as part of our daily, routine clinical practice.

“I’m very proud of the team as a whole and of its fantastic achievements.”

To find out about forthcoming research trials, call the research and development team on 01702 385089 or email c r a i g . m a c k e r n e s s @southend.nhs.uk