TEEN songwriting duo Bavard - aka brothers Ben and Toby Jordan - are still reeling from winning an award for Best Original Artist in the South East Entertainment Youngstars Awards on Sunday.

The 15 and 13-year-old brothers who are pupils at Belfairs Academy, Leigh, picked up the accolade at a glittering red carpet ceremony hosted by the National Entertainments Award organisation, held at the Civic Hall, in Blackshots Lane.

“It was such a shock” explained Ben, from Leigh. “We knew we were nominated but we really didn’t think we would stand a chance of winning, because we were up against some really great acts, plus when they read our name out during the nominations, no one clapped, so we thought no one had really heard of us!

“We hadn’t arrived with a speech prepared or anything.”

Toby added: “It was really exciting and scary at the same time, totally unexpected! I just thought we were going to go there and watch everyone else.”

The award follows the recent launch of Bavard’s EP, Noir, and ahead of new releases.