A FORMER wartime nurse got quite a supermarket surprise as she turned 100.

Eleanor “Peggy” Thomas, of Beresford Close, Hadleigh, visits the Morrisons on Canvey every day for her groceries.

When it became known she was turning 100, the staff at the supermarket decided to treat her in celebration of the landmark birthday.

A surprise party was held at the supermarket for Peggy.

As well as the surprise party, the staff gave her lunch, balloons and presented her with a bouquet of flowers.

It wasn’t the only surprise that Peggy received that week.

She was welcomed by 25 family and friends who decided to throw her another birthday party at her home on Canvey.

Jane Thomas, daughter-in-law, said: “My friend said we should ring Morrisons because they would like to know.

“They were so shocked when they found out they had someone aged 100 who still comes in every day.”

After hearing the news, the staff quickly grouped together to set up a celebration for Peggy.

Jane added: “They couldn’t believe it.

“Their community champion is a lovely girl and she arranged it all.

“It was really lovely of them and Peggy was thrilled to bits.

“She loved being the centre of attention.”

Peggy was born on February 24, 1918 in Grimsby before her family, who were Londoners, moved back to Poplar in East London.

She served as an auxiliary nurse during the Second World War.

Peggy lived through the Blitz where she was bombed out of her home.

Following the London bombings, she moved to a new home in Rush Green. She lived in the area with her husband, Raymond for many years.

Sadly, Raymond died in the 1970s and Peggy moved to Canvey later in the decade.

She moved to the island so that she could be closer to her son Michael and his wife Jane.

To celebrate her 100th birthday, they and Peggy’s two grandchildren, Emily and Paul, threw a party for her on her birthday at their home in Holton Road, Canvey. To accompany the celebration was a card written to Peggy from Queen Elizabeth II, wishing her happy birthday on the special day.

Jane, 68, said: “She had a card from the Queen and she was so thrilled.

“She loved seeing all her family and friends.

“We had more than 25 people here and people travelled from Weymouth and Lowestoft to celebrate with her.

“She’s a very active lady, articulate and on the ball.

“We’re just pleased she’s had a great birthday.”