NHS changes stretch our trust in politicians

The reason many people are turning away from traditional political parties all over the world is the matter of trust.

In yesterday’s Echo Conservative Councillor James Moyies performs yet another U-turn claiming he is now concerned about the plan to remove Southend’s top rated stroke unit.

At the recent general election he enthusiastically and fully supported all the Tory austerity cuts to Southend Hospital, and I believe he still does.

It seems he does more U-turn’s than the tide at Southend just to get votes. He has been in three political parties in three years. It is no surprise that people don’t trust traditional party politicians anymore.

John Carr, St Luke’s Road, Southend


I read with interest your article on the future of the stroke unit in Southend hospital and I must say I am amazed.

What on earth has it got to do with Southend Council? Surely it is up to the people, after all they are the ones who it will affect.

As for anything Mr Moyles says, well I wouldn’t believe a word of it and much to the point I for one, if I had a stroke – which I pray I won’t – then I would want to go to Southend and stay there and as with any procedure concerning hospitals I would want them to obtain my permission to do anything to the contrary.

If I was unable to give it I would want my next of kin to sign or refuse a transfer to Basildon. I agree with Mr Woolley on this one, I trust Southend but I don’t trust Basildon.

KB Humphries, Archer Avenue, Southend

I notice on the local news that the A127 was closed during the rush hour today because of an accident by the Rayleigh Weir.

What will happen if this kind of incident occurs if the STP plans to downgrade our hospital have been implemented.

The STP have admitted that there will be 25 stroke patients a day transported between Southend and Basildon. These are seriously ill patients being transported. This is what the “Save our NHS Southend”

campaign is campaigning about, lives are seriously at risk.

David Allen, Collins Way, Eastwood

Salt bins should have been replenished


I am replying to the letter published in yesterday’s Echo from the County Councillor for Pitsea.

Councillor Hillier has completely missed the point in a vain attempt to defend County Hall’s lack of provision of rock salt for salt bins.

There are two rangers with a truck employed by Essex County Council to maintain bushes and the like.

With the unworkable weather last week, these rangers could have collected rock salt and topped up the salt bins.

They wouldn’t have been able to complete this task, had they been allowed to, as Essex County Council failed to purchase enough salt well in advance of the week long warning regarding the ‘beast from the east’.

May I suggest councillor Hillier continues on with his many shindigs at County Hall, while I get on with the business of getting things done for my constituents.

Councillor Kerry Smith, Independent member for Westley Heights

Election will give us chance to choose

Some of your recent correspondents seem unduly concerned about the move to the Conservative Party by three of the five Ukip councillors elected in 2014.

It is only within the last year that this has happened and the relevant terms of office expire in eight weeks time.

Local elections are due on Thursday May 3.

On that day we can all cast a vote for the party or candidate of our choice and I would hope that Ukip supporters, past and present, and indeed many others will vote for the continuation of the present administration in Southend led by John Lamb and his team.

Denis Garne, Herongate, Shoeburyness

Shakedown should be saved from the axe


I am glad to see that the Echo agrees that we must support Southend events. It is a shame that we lost the Airshow and now seem likely to lose the folk festival and the barge match.

After at least fifteen years of success the Southend Shakedown was cancelled.

All this comes at virtually no cost to the Southend Council other than the erection of some fences near the pier to reserve parking for bikes, and to set up a one way system for traffic for a short distance.

Can we have an assurance from the Council that there will not be a cancellation this year and that we can can once again look forward to another successful Shakedown ?

David Earle, Chalfont Close, Leigh

Glad Southend CAB has got funding

I am so pleased that the Citizen Advice Service in Southend has secured funding from Southend Borough Council once again.

As a trustee on the board I am also pleased to commend the work of this service in advocating and securing more resources for so many people.

Councillor Steve Buckley, Borman Close, Leigh

Turn on headlights when driving in rain


Do people who drive in the rain without any lights on not know they are breaking the law and are liable to a fine.

The law states that dipped headlights must be used when it is raining. Pehaps they think it costs extra to have lights on. I can quite assure them that it doesn`t.

Bill Bridges, Rochford

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The housing plan for Basildon has been termed as “outrageous” after plans for a new 650 home development were launched.

If you are building up infrastructure too good luck to you. If you aren’t, well we’re in trouble. PATRICK HEALEY

They haven’t got a clue. No point in all the houses with no jobs, schools, doctors and a hospital that can cope. The list is endless. MARK CASTLE

We can’t move in Essex now. Too many people. Too many cars. Roads are gridlocked! Infrastructure cannot be improved to accommodate. VALERIE STRONG SOUTHEND

Council has appointed two teams of “pothole patching gangs” to repair hundreds of potholes.


Why can’t Essex County Council do the same! Castle Point roads are terrible and nothing seems to be being done! London Road, Hadleigh, near Woodfield Road and Kiln Road are just a couple of examples. NEAL WARREN

Hundreds have appeared in Basildon lately. Massive one up top of laindon link off the roundabout! LEE OBRIEN

If you report them the council are pretty quick to fill them. Not a permanent job but better than big holes! JON BRINCAT

Essex roads are in a terrible condition, A12 looks like a third world road. What is road tax actually used for? RICHARD THOMAS

Switching off streetlights during the night does not have an impact on crime levels, according to the county’s police, fire and crime commissioner.


What I would like to know is, with the street lights going off, what are they doing with the money they have saved? ALAN SKIPPY MANN

Maybe it has no effect on crime, but it has a huge effect on the fear of crime. Surely being safe and feeling safe are as important as one another? CAM SAREY

That is just their opinion! Many a stolen bike, car etc. Ladies feeling unsafe. If they installed solar led lights it wouldn’t cost to run them CAROLANN SIMPSON