A STARVED dog is one of three hounds dumped by cruel owners.

The whippet, nicknamed Whizz by staff at Gemini Kennels where he is recovering, is now looking for a new home.

Abandoned Bull Terrier sisters Mable and Maud are also desperate for new owners.

Michael Knight, co-owner of Gemini Kennels, in Hovefields Avenue, Wickford, was called to Muckingford Road, in East Tilbury, on Saturday after police spotted the abandoned 18-month-old whippet.

It is expected it will take four weeks to get Whizz back up to strength.

Michael said: "When you bear in mind the condition of him he is very friendly and is happy to be in the kennels, where he will get regular food.

"You don't get many whippets so whoever purchased him has gone to extremes to get that breed. So to then dump him is very sad."

The discovery comes just days after the kennels were called to recover Mable and Maud, who had been left in Belhus Country Park, in Romford Road, Aveley.

Michael said the white, three-year-old dogs were highly distressed when he picked them up last week. They had been left in the baking hot sun for several hours.

He added: "These dogs were definitely dumped. It's very sad because they are both in good nick and have been looked after.

"It's strange to dump two healthy dogs in the middle of a country park. Fortunately, they wandered into an area where there was lots of people around."

The kennel is now looking for good homes for all three dogs.

Anyone interested, call Gemini Kennels on 01268 725825.