A NEIGHBOURHOOD is calling for action from the council over foxes.

Betty Soul, 65, of Haven Place, in Stifford Clays, told how the animals have attacked her dog Susie twice.

There are estimated to be 12 in total who regularly disturb residents, dig up their lawns and attack their pets.

Mrs Soul said: "I was inside the house when I heard a terrible noise. I went outside to find my dog, Susie, shaken and bleeding, the fox had taken a big lump out of her tail."

The second attack on Susie, in June, was witnessed by next-door neighbour Jack Mills, 60.

He said: "The foxes are very bold, I was sitting outside on the bench, when all of a sudden a fox jumped out from the hedges on to the dog.

"I tried to get over there as quick as I could. I went right up to the fox and started shouting but it didn't take any notice. In the end I had to kick it off to save the dog."

Mr Mills has already collected a 100-signature petition demanding action from the council.

He added: "It is disgusting that the council will not do anything about this. I worry about my three-year-old grandson being outside."

The council was unavailable for comment.