I am once again astounded to see the ludicrous suggestions being proposed to try to justify development schemes that simply lack the correct transport infrastructure to support them.

Here we are again trying to fit a quart into a pint pot which, of course, simply won’t work.

Whilst I support the principle of housing development to ease housing demand and the “inner relief road” to ease congestion in that area, the proposed road goes from Warners Bridge to Nestuda Way, nowhere near Fossetts Farm.

Warners Bridge from Fossetts Farm is approximately three miles away by road via Sutton Road, a single-lane country road which already gets very congested on anything but a quiet day.

It is simply delusional to think that a one-mile long inner ring road linking the airport business park to somewhere near Tesco on the A127 some three miles away from the Fossetts Farm development which it is meant to support, will have any positive effect on managing localised traffic flows for this development.


Conservative councillor for Prittlewell Ward


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