A MOTHER has thanked “a community full of heroes” for donating a whopping £18,000 in her son’s bid to undergo brain injury treatment in Panama.

Marcus McCarthy suffers from cerebral palsy, which affects his lower limbs and balance, but lockdown has meant delays to treatment and extra cash needing to be raised.

The 14-year-old St Thomas More High School pupil is looking to undergo stem cell treatment in Panama and, with £30,000 required for the therapy and travel arrangements, mother Scarlett turned to the public.

She was overcome with emotion after seeing people from far and wide donating as Marcus looks to make his dream of walking alongside his twin brother Jacob a reality.

Scarlett, 35, said: “Everyone in our community who has donated are heroes.

“Marcus has cerebral palsy and it’s a complex condition which affects everyone differently. For Marcus, it’s his lower limbs and balance which are affected.

“He has had 10 operations so far, all in the hope that it will improve his quality of life.

“We have been doing lots of therapy at home during the pandemic because of therapy centres being shut during lockdown, but there is nowhere in this country that offers stem cell treatment for children with cerebral palsy.

“Our only option is to go to Panama and we have been overwhelmed with the support we have received from everyone, particularly when money is tough to come by during a pandemic.”


The family was within touching distance of reaching their £20,000 goal for the therapy in Panama, but the third national lockdown has resulted in another £10,000 being needed.

Scarlett, of Southchurch, added: “We raised £18,000 in just five months, but we now need to reach £30,000 because of changing Marcus’ therapy date.

“He was due to undergo the treatment in four weeks, but the lockdown has closed our borders and we have had to delay it until May.

“That is a big setback and it’s stressful, but we’re so thankful for every donation.”

Peter Sadler believes Scarlett, his wife, is a hero for all of her hard work in helping their son.

He said: “She means everything to us.

“Scarlett is my whole world and a wonderful mother. She would go to the ends of the Earth for her family to get what is needed and nothing and no-one will stand in her way.”

Visit justgiving.com/campaign/NextMountain4Marcus to donate.

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