A VOLUNTEER has been showered with praise after her selfless work has helped those living on the streets of Southend.

The One Love Soup Kitchen has been providing homeless members of the community with much-needed meals as they try to cope with being homeless during the coronavirus pandemic.

The soup kitchen, found on Carnarvon Close, has been open two times a week throughout these tough times and also offers shower facilities.

However, volunteers have been working around the clock to offer rough sleepers assistance at all times of the day.

Zoey Smith, the One Love Soup Kitchen founder and chairperson, has hailed Alison Burt for her efforts as general manager since the initial Covid-19 outbreak in March.

She said: “Alison selflessly gave every single day to helping and supporting over 200 homeless people in the first lockdown.

“She managed a small team of volunteers, co-ordinated meals, donations, deliveries of hot food and clothing to rough sleepers placed in emergency B&Bs across Southend.

“Alison has played a key role in keeping people safe and supported.”


The One Love Soup Kitchen has more than 70 active on-site volunteers and cooks, while they accept donations of food, clothing, toiletries, sleeping bags and tents.

Zoey feels Alison does not realise how important her role is within the organisation.

She added: “Alison’s selflessness and dedication to helping others is inspiring.

“She makes the world a better place. The volunteers and homeless guests at the One Love Soup Kitchen cannot thank her enough for everything she does for the community.”

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