Supermarket workers have thanked each other for their efforts in working through the pandemic and keeping south Essex going.

While our NHS heroes have rightly earned widespread praise for their tireless work since the initial coronavirus outbreak in March, shop assistants working in essential stores have also played a key role in getting everyone through these tough times.

A number of businesses have gone bust because of the financial implications which have come with Covid-19, but supermarkets have remained open throughout the pandemic.

Among those to have welcomed thousands of customers over the course of the last 10 months is the Sainsbury’s store in Basildon’s Cricketers Retail Park.

Members of staff from the supermarket have shown their appreciation for those who have continued to work through these tough times.

Patch Barton said: “I’d like to thank all the people I work with at the Sainsbury’s store in East Mayne.”

Stuart Lewsey Evans, a colleague at the supermarket, added: “We can all get through this time together. We have a great team.”

The Sainsbury’s store, like businesses up and down the country which have remained open during the three national lockdowns and throughout the pandemic, has made various alterations to comply with guidelines put in place by the government.

Social distancing is enforced, while customers are being asked to comply with the face covering regulations while getting their shopping.


Ann-Marie Lester, an employee at the Sainsbury’s outlet at the Cricketers Retail Park, admits the togetherness among staff has kept her going in this testing period as she has been forced to spend time away from the day job.

She said: “I work for Sainsbury’s in East Mayne but have had to shield during the pandemic.

“The other members of staff are great and have kept my spirits up at this tough time.”

Other members of the community have also been keen to stress the vital role key workers within our favourite shopping outlets have been.

Vicki Morrell, of Stanford-le-Hope, said: “Supermarket workers are unsung heroes.

“With them going in every day, we haven’t had to ration our food.”

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