A PROUD mother is overjoyed after seeing her son smash his fundraising target.

Joseph Bond, 11, began the new year looking to raise £100 for Harp – Southend’s homeless charity – by running 31 miles over the course of January.

However, Joseph was able to raise more than five times that amount as he battled through tough weather conditions during the third national lockdown.

Jenna Bond believes her son is a community hero as he is keen to help those less fortunate despite his young age.

She said: “Joseph is only 11 but wanted to give something back to his local community.

“He wanted to raise money for Harp and run every single mile himself.

“Joseph was eager to raise money to help those that may not feel safe, warm or have a roof over their head during this pandemic.

“I think he realised he is lucky and while he has a safe, loving home, knowing others don’t have that luxury struck a cord with him.”

Despite the bitterly cold conditions at various stages of his fundraising task, Edwards Hall Primary School pupil Joseph embraced the challenge and even inspired others to run as he looked to raise awareness.

Jenna, of Leigh, added: “He ran almost every day in January, up the steepest of hills, in the wind, cold and rain.

“He ran and didn’t ever moan, he just kept ploughing on.


“Joseph wanted to raise as much money as possible and smashed his original target of £100. Instead, he raised more than £500.

“He also inspired his class teacher and friends to run, so he is very special.

“It was fantastic to see him running around our streets to help the homeless after home schooling every day.”

Jenna is bursting with pride after Joseph’s fundraising exploits.

She admitted: “He embraced the challenge full on and I’m proud that he wanted to help others less fortunate than him.

“Inspiring others to run was also fantastic and he has raised an amazing amount of money for Harp.

“Even though his life has been affected by this pandemic, he hasn’t moaned and always been keen to help others whenever he can.

“Running throughout January was a selfless act and it’s great to see that there has been an amazing outcome.

“As a family, we are so extremely proud of Joseph.”

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