Artist Joanne Holbrook has designed a series of colourful way-finding signs showing visitors and residents the best of Leigh, ranging from the Old Town to Broadway businesses.

Joanne has used her creativity to remind people to shop local as the town begins to think about its recovery when Covid restrictions start to ease.

The maps, developed with the Leigh Partnership, will be found at Chalkwell Station, Leigh Station, Leigh Broadway, Leigh Road and Gypsy Bridge.

There will also be eight finger posts dotted around the town to help people discover all Leigh has to offer.

Artist Joanne, who lives in Leigh, said: “Leigh is a really special place. I’m constantly inspired by the people, buildings, history and this was a great way to celebrate it all.

“It wasn’t hard to put pen-to-paper to bring to life our town in map form and share all the best bits with visitors. The challenge was deciding what to leave out.”

The move came after a survey conducted by the Leigh Partnership, which is made up of business representatives and works with Southend Council, identified signage and marketing as areas that could be improved to help the economy.

The Leigh Partnership secured funding from Southend Council to create the maps which will help visitors navigate more of the town and increase footfall into businesses.


Leigh Partnership member David Elcock hopes installing the unique maps will pay off after the pandemic.

He said: “As soon as you arrive in Leigh, you get a real sense of community.

“Residents and businesses have come together during lockdown to help each other and we want that to continue, but we also want to welcome more visitors into the town when it’s safe to do so.

“Leigh only just begins at Cockle Row and we want people to keep walking and discover more of our brilliant town 365 days of the year.”

Helen Symmons, town clerk at Leigh Town Council, believes the maps are a step in the right direction.

She said: “Latest figures show tourism is worth more than £450 million to the borough of Southend.

“Introducing maps and finger posts across the town is just the first step in helping visitors, as well as residents, discover more of Leigh post Covid-19.”